Project Description


Cote d’lvoire: Culture and Cooperation through the eyes of NGOs

The photographic exhibition entitled “Cote d’lvoire: Culture and Cooperation through the eyes of NGOs” is a project of collective versatility and cultura! exchange, in which NADUK, in collaboration with theCote d’lvoire Embassy in ltaly, aims to highlight through photography, as a social transformation tool, the actions and humanitarian projects lead by ltalian and European NGOs in Cote d’lvoire.

This exhibition, using a refined selection of photographic shots, reflects the result of a territorial animation process, and shows, through a journey in the country land, in its characteristics, in its cultures and in its traditions, the important advances of independence and of persona!, economie and social autonomy.

The exhibition will be composed by photos, carried out by professional and non-professional photographers, of NGOs officially registered in the Cote d’lvoire Embassy in ltaly register, and will highlight an unpublished point of view relateci to the representation identity of a vital and evolving humanitarian reality.

This photographic review, which is part of a global sharing and cohesion space, will open up a particular perspective on the civil society organizations work, consolidating the relationships among many actors who are intervening in favour of development processes and supporting a cultura! path full of emotions and in the respect of important topics covered by.

The exhibition will be presented in Milan from 13th December 2019 to 20th January 2020. After that, the exhibition will take a travelling character, moving to Europe (Athens) and to Cote d’lvoire (Abidjan).

  • Location: ltaly – Greece – Ivory Coast

  • Duration: July 2019 – April 2020

  • Role: Applicant

  • Partner: Cote d’lvoire Embassy in ltaly

  • Funding: Private funds

  • lnvestment: 180,000 Euros

  • Sector: information, education for global citizenship


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