Project Description


Through careful territorial analysis and actions aimed at creating local, social and economie development, Naduk, No Border project promoter, means to give its contribution to the living conditions improvement of youth in Bedy-Goazon area, in Cavally region, in Cote d’lvoire, in a border area with Liberia.

The project has the main goal to improve the youth professional skills, providing them tools to achieve self-entrepreneurship as a concrete mean to the persona!, social and economie autonomy.

The program includes high level training courses, start-up activation, cooperatives creation, participation and introduction to local, national and international commerciai networks.

The project added value is the combination of artisanal sectors with 4.0 web, through a remodulation of traditional production techniques in order to make innovative products for style, design and functionality, making such techniques an expressive tool for new forms of art.

The project involves the beneficiary’s participation in 300 young people between 15 -29 years old, at international fairs and exhibitions, through a path aimed at directing the artisanal heritage in the 4.0 era, creating a design industry, strengthened in self sustainability, textile and artisanal wood innovative products.

n income-generating activities, a special attention is paid to the female componentand people with disabilities direct involvement in order to ensure a concrete and real empowerment at social level.

  • The project aims to implement the following actions:
  • • Creation of Continuous Training & Tutoring Centre “WORK OUT”
  • Creation of textile, design and handcraft cooperative and start-ups
  • Business management training course devoted to junior trainers
  • Marketing and exhibitions participation
  • Location: Cavally Region – Ivory Coast

  • Duration: July 2019 – June 2020

  • Role: Main Applicant

  • Funding: private funding

  • lnvestment: 630.000 euros

  • Sector: training, entrepreneurship, gender issues, sustainable development, migration flows


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